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H&H Cranes and Equipment is a local Calgary crane company found in Calgary, Alberta. It has been in the industry for 23 years. The crane company offers rental services to its cranes. The services offered include cranes for steel erections, prefabricated walls, concrete basement forms, air conditioning units, hot tubes, electrical power lines, flat roofing and framers. They also help in setting trusses and lifting of industrial materials like transformers. H&H Cranes and Equipment offer services such as installing and maintaining wind towers, wind blades and generators. It also has skills to move turbine parts and pipe segments with precision.

H&H Cranes and Equipment has up to date equipment to lift up to 550,000 lbs. The various cranes are Link Belt ATC 3275 which lifts 550,000 lbs. and the Grove HL 150T that lifts 300,000 lbs. The Belt HTC 8690 lifts up to 180,000 lbs. and the Terex T560 lifts up to 125,000 lbs. The Groove RT760E crane lifts a maximum of 120,000 lbs. The sizes of cranes vary depending on the purpose intended for. H&H Cranes and Equipment provides storage services for items of varying sizes. They vary in prices depending on their location and size. The amount incurred ranges from $33 to $200 per month.

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H&H Cranes and Equipment ensures that the customer services to its clients is exemplary. The safety standards of the cranes is also top notch. The cranes are up to date in terms of service and performance. One cannot find a poorly maintained crane form the H&H Cranes and Equipment. The cranes are also efficient in their performance. A lot of the clients who hire these cranes have complemented the company for its highly performing cranes. The crane operators used in H&H Cranes and Equipment are licensed and certified by several institutions such as the State of Montana and NCCO.

Calgary Cranes

H&H Cranes and Equipment has invested in its services so as to fulfill the needs of the public with any crane related task. It attends to its clients effectively to give them the best solution for their needs. A client may not know the best and cost effective crane to use while undertaking a certain task. The customer care ensures that the client is equipped with the relevant information to choose the best affordable crane. H&H Cranes and Equipment is a self-contained local Calgary crane company. This is because it has all it needs to perform various crane related tasks. H&H Cranes and Equipment ltd will ensure that one is not disappointed by its services and cranes. Want it at any time? The customer service will attend to you with great PR.  Check out the home page: