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Whether you are a developer, or a contractor working for a developer, H&H is here to meet all your craning needs. We have the expertise to help you choose your equipment and the experience and commitment to deliver on time within your budget. Call Dispatch at H&H to learn more about how we work.

We can serve your needs to work on power lines, erect steel buildings, and installing flat roofing material and air conditioning units. Whatever you need, just ask. We can assist you with planning and preparation for our part in your project.




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Want to install a hot tub?

Need help raising walls or craning your roof trusses while framing your new home, garage or extension?

No matter how small or large your Residential project is, please contact us about how we can help!




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Gas plant and well services, coil tubing, industrial moves, tower construction, powerline services and more.



Friendly service, expert knowledge and a 23-year history in Calgary make H & H CRANE the first choice of many contractors and individuals. Clients come back time and again to experience our fair rates and punctual, efficient service. We provide crane services for steel erections, electrical powerlines, prefabricated walls, concrete basement forms, flat roofing, air conditioning units, framers, hot tubs, etc.